Disrupting an entire


The utility locating industry is critical in making construction sites safer and protecting our network infrastructure from damage. As the network infrastructure is increasingly digitised, it gives us the opportunity to build modern applications on this data. Our vision is to be at the forefront of this change and drive innovation in the industry by working closely with utility owners, construction companies and the society at large.

Opportunity to improve

Addressing problems we’ve experienced first-hand.

We, the founders have experienced first-hand the inefficiencies in the utility locating service through our other business operations. The process has come a long way and Sweden has led the charge towards its digitalisation by the introduction of Ledningskollen, the national web service for making requests for utility locating created by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) the in 2010.

But the industry around this service is yet to see a digital revolution and herein lies the opportunity. Our domain expertise, experience in building complex software systems and our entrepreneurial drive gives us the right conditions to succeed in bringing about this paradigm shift to the utility locating industry.

Products for a new age

Digitize your utility locating processes.

Our vision is to automate and thereby decentralise the process of locating underground utilities. Today, a request made for information about hidden utility infrastructure on a construction site involves many actors. And can take up to a few days to over a week for information to be given to the requester due to the inefficiencies built into the current process.

Our products are developed in-order to streamline and automate this process which reduces the lead times from days to minutes. This also enables full traceability and documentation for each request which in turn facilitates accountability in case of damaged infrastructure. We offer a suite of software products to different actors involved in the process of utility locating.

Societal impact

Safeguarding infrastructure in our connected society.

A utility cable is damaged every hour in Sweden alone. This results in outage of basic services like electricity and internet and given the connected society we live in today; this has a direct impact on the livelihood and wellbeing of the people. Our goal is to make it easier for construction companies and private landowners to get access to information about underground utilities on their site, thereby increasing the rate of adoption of this service and safeguarding our underground infrastructure.

Insights from our founder...

”Society has never been as dependent on secure and undisturbed utility infrastructure as it is today. Despite this we’re still relying on methods that have been undisrupted for several decades.

We believe that through modern technology and automation, we can not only save costs and headaches for utility companies, but also contribute to a sustainable society by increasing safety and efficiency at construction sites.”

- Linus Olsson CEO

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