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Utility owners are realising the value of digitising their assets and the impact it will have on creating new and efficient workflows. Leveraging this trend along with modern technologies such as cloud and augmented reality, we are building the future of utility locating that is automated and decentralised.



At the heart of our innovation is the Utility Cloud platform which acts as a central hub that processes all the incoming requests and helps your organisation monitor and track all the work and documentation done for that request. All our products are built around the Utility Cloud which result in a workflow that is end-to-end traceable and efficient.

Revolutionising technology

Utility Cloud enables efficient data distribution

Our platform is designed to enable transferring of utility network information from the network owner to the requester in a quick and secure manner, providing full traceability for each request. We believe this is key to a wider adoption of the utility locating service which will directly translate to less damage to network infrastructure.


Vastly reduces lead times in utility locating request processes.

Fully traceable

Documenation is a core feature of Utility Cloud ensuring full traceability anywhere, anytime.


Decentralised data storage paired with modern technology means your data is secure.

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With our integrated GNSS hardware solution you can achieve decimetre level precision to locate hidden utilities using augmented reality.

Space technology is broadly classified into upstream and downstream. Upstream refers to everything we generally think of, satellites and other space infrastructure. While downstream refers to technologies or products that utilise data or services enabled by the upstream services. Eningo, is a part of the downstream eco system, where we use raw positioning data from GNSS satellites such as Galileo and GPS to enable geographical precise, augmented reality based products for underground utility locating.


Manage and track all incoming requests and related documentation.


Assign requests to field technician with one-click.


Intuitive layout to make request management streamlined.

Insights from our founder...

“Once you understand the positive impact software and digitalisation can have on an industry so crucial as utility locating, you wonder why no one has yet acted on it.

Then you realise that the intersection of those who work with utility locating and those who design software systems is very slim. And this gives us an amazing opportunity to lead the change we want to see!”

- Selvin Jayakumar CTO

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