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We are currently looking for investors interested in joining us on our journey to establish Eningo as a world leader in utility locating automation.

Why invest in Eningo?

A mix of domain expertise, experience in building complex software systems and entrepreneurial spirit, gives us a unique advantage over the competition. We want to bring cloud-based SaaS products to the utilities and construction industries.

Our vision

Our vision is to lead the digitalization of underground utility locating service. By automating the process, we want to increase the ease-of-access to this service to everyone and thereby safeguard our network infrastructure. Thereby saving reparation costs for utility owners, increasing efficiency at construction sites and reduce the impact of outages on the society.

Creating immense value for our customers

Eningo - Owners

Utility owners

+ Reduced labor costs
+ Reduced risk for financial claims
+ Reduced reparation costs

Eningo - Companies

Construction companies

+ Shorter lead times & higher efficiency
+ Safer workplaces
+ Support transition to autonomous machines

Eningo -Private

Private individuals

+ Locate utilities using your smartphone
+ Avoid expensive repairs and fines
+ Undertake projects with peace of mind

...and spearheading a growing market.

TAM 2023


Swedish market 2021


Swedish utility owners


Growing market

The utility locator market is not a new market but as the society has become more dependent on reliable access to power, internet etc. it has become more and more important to protect the utilities buried in the ground. This has spurred the growth of the market in recent years and it’s expected to grow from $4.62 Billion in 2018 to $7.50 Billion by 2023, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.94%. This is according to the report “Utility Locator Market by Technique –Global Forecast to 2023”. The market is mainly driven by the factors such as the concern for safety and protection of underground utilities, benefits of advanced utility locating technologies over traditional utility locating methods, and government initiatives toward the implementation of utility locators.

TAM 2023


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We are currently looking for investors interested in joining us on our journey to establish Eningo as a world leader in
automating utility localisation.

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