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Eningo is a Swedish based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup that wants to help the construction and utilities industry on their journey towards digitalisation.

What we do

Beautiful software at our core.

We design beautiful software products for the utilities and construction industry. We believe everyone deserves an intuitive and modern user interface powered by a well designed software architecture. At the heart of every organisation, are its people, and we build our products with them in focus.

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Our culture

We are a diverse group of people who are unified by the common goal of building great software products. We view ourselves as a global startup with Swedish roots. We love sharing our ideas and knowledge with each other which leads to creative problem solving and nurtures trust within the team.

Working at Eningo

Innovation where it matters.

The construction and utilities industry have usually been late adopters to innovative and new products and services. This is in part due to the notion that these industries are slow to change. We think a bit different. We think the SaaS industry has been slow to adapt to their needs.

At Eningo, we want to lead this movement and dare to innovate in these industries which play a very crucial role in our society. And the people who work in them also deserve beautifully designed software products.

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Who are we?

Diverse backgrounds and a global growth mindset.

Our founders also founded a geodata company called Atritec which also provides utility locating services and have experienced the problems we are addressing first hand. This inefficiency also leads to wasted resources both for the requester(ex. Construction company) and the infrastructure owner, energy companies. We believe, by addressing this problem we will do our bit in helping these stakeholders in reducing their carbon footprint and promote efforts towards positive climate goals.

Checkout what Atritec's website(www.atritec.se) to learn more about our experience in the industry.

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