Utility locating,


Our vision is to automate and thereby decentralise the process of locating underground utilities. Our products are developed in-order to streamline and automate this process which reduces the lead times from 5-8 days to minutes.

A utility cable is
damaged every hour...

This results in outage of basic services like electricity and internet and given the connected society we live in today; this has a direct impact on the livelihood and wellbeing of the people.

...we have the solution:

Eningo - Utility Platform



Our cloud-based platform is able to automatically process requests for utility locating and make decision on whether or not there is an impact on your network. Our Eningo AR apps helps the requester recieve & visualise this information in augmented reality with decimetre level precision. As a network operator, our Eningo OFFICE web application provides you an overview of all requests as well as logs for each request, making the entire process transparent & traceable.


Automated distribution of requests to field technicians

The OFFICE is a browser-based application that presents all the requests from Ledningskollen* for your organisation in one place. It enables the coordinator to get an overview on all cases and act on the ones that need their attention. It also presents all the case related information in an intuitive way, such that it simplifies the process of handling the requests to a single click.

Eningo -Office
Eningo - Manage


+ Track all requests from Ledningskollen in one place.

+ No longer need to log into Ledningskollen to respond to requests.

Eningo - Assign


+ Our platform will automatically assign work orders to field technicians.

+ We make it easy for you to coordinate the work together with the field technicians.

Eningo - Traceability


+ Get all the information on a request and the actions taken.

+ See the status and all the images uploaded by the field technician with each request.

* Ledningskollen is the Swedish national webservice for creating requests for utility locating.

Eningo FIELD

Information & documentation. In one place.

The FIELD app is a smartphone app that can be used by your field technician to view assigned jobs and also document them after completion. The app also presents all information needed to do the job in an efficient manner. The app is synced with the OFFICE application, so all documentation and updates are received by the coordinator in real time.

Eningo - Field
Eningo - Deliver


+ Your field technician receives the work order assigned to them.

+ Get access to all relevant information required to do the work in the field. Ex. DXF file, site contact information.

Eningo - Document


+ After completing the request the field technician can upload images of sprayed lines.

+ When field technician updates the status of the work to done it is automatically synced with Eningo OFFICE.

Eningo - Visualise


+ The app enables the field technician to visualise the data on a map in the application making it easier to asses the work.

+ We also provide a GIS file in DXF format.

Eningo AR

Never worry about utility locating requests again

Welcome to the future of utility locating. This app is core to our vision of decentralised utility locating. Using our powerful Utility Cloud platform, we can enable you to visualise network information in augmented reality directly through your smartphones.

Eningo - AR
Eningo -Visualise

Visualise utilities

+ By using augmented reality the requester can visualise the network information directly in their mobile phones.

+ Achieve decimetre level precision by integrating the app with our hardware GNSS solution.

Eningo -Reduce costs

Reduce costs

+ You no longer need to allocate resources for handling requests.

+ You no longer need to send out field technicians to mark physical lines on the ground.

Eningo - Decentralise


+ Our Eningo Field AR app enables the distribution of utility information directly to the reciever.

+ This will results in an increased adoption of the service thereby making excavation safer and also protecting the underground infrastructure.

Utility locating

Welcome to the future of utility locating. Augmented reality is core to our vision of decentralised utility locating. Using our powerful Utility Cloud platform, we can enable you to visualise network information in augmented reality directly through your smartphones.

Creating immense value for our customers

Eningo - Owners

Utility owners

+ Reduced labor costs
+ Reduced risk for financial claims
+ Reduced reparation costs

Eningo - Companies

Construction companies

+ Shorter lead times & higher efficiency
+ Safer workplaces
+ Support transition to autonomous machines

Eningo -Private

Private individuals

+ Locate utilities using your smartphone
+ Avoid expensive repairs and fines
+ Undertake projects with peace of mind

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Our mission
is simple.

It is to disrupt the industry to bring about radical change by automating and thereby decentralise the process of locating underground utilities. Our approach is to create an augmented reality-based solution that can deliver information about underground utilities in a matter of minutes, instead of the days of lead times that are common today.

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